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Matzinger Eversdijk is no boring notary office that only shifts unpersonal files around. Experience the power of personal attention with arranging the things that materialisticly determine your life.

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Sietske Marinus, Secretaresse
Joke Maat, Ondernemingsrecht
Dorry Noweem, Secretaresse onroerend goed
Viviƫnne van Nuss, Kandidaat-notaris familierecht
Ellen Kuijpers, Kandidaat-notaris

we've got news for expats in The Hague!

expatriates enjoy our perfect notary experience

The Hague generally has more expatriates working and living in the city because of the number of international institutions and companies. Matzinger Eversdijk Notarissen has a good reputation with the expats in The Hague. We obtained this reputation by combining quality with warm customer-friendly rapprochement. We call this the perfect notary experience.

Hans Matzinger says: “After all, you do not sign important papers every day. You have to feel comfortable and have confidence. Especially when you are not familiar with doing business in the Netherlands.”

We strive to quickly and accurately process your business, without being a juridical factory. Thus we are capable of a personal rapprochement of our clients. This requires hard work and working with your heart. Feeling for people. Customized service.

Please contact us for advise on for instance conveying real property in the Netherlands, incorporating public and private limited liability companies, or regarding your last will or marriage contract. Just ask, we will gladly assist you.

follow your heart, we do the rest

follow your heart, we do the rest

To continue together with your loved one is an important decision. Marriage, registered partnership or cohabitation, what fits best? Let us advise you!

You can be sure that the made agreements fit perfectly with your lifestyle. Learn more about cohabitation, marriage or registered partnership.

Have you been together for a longer period of time? We can check if the agreements you made earlier, are still in balance. Having your own company or a partner who is working less can be valid reasons to adjust your prenuptial agreements, partnership conditions or cohabitation agreements. 


My gratitude for the quick response regarding a split and merger in one covenant. Prepared with a lot of care for the notary profession!

Dolf de Vries - Real estate broker in The Hague

It was our first time buying a house in The Hague, so I had no idea. Thank you for the educational morning and the candid history lessons. We are a lot wiser now!

Loraine Taylor - Mother and proud homeowner